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We offer free advice, support and solutions to any home users via our free ticketing system. Just click the link to sign up and ask us anything IT. We’ll get back to you with advice and help for your specific issues.

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You still get the free advice and support but for £30 a year per machine, or £75 a year for a 3 device license you get a 24/7 365 managed security service with real-time business class antivirus, updates and monitored scanning, SLA’s on security matters for your support service and alerts which are maintained by our staff to keep you safe in real time. You can view your alerts and monitoring within the tickets in the free service desk portal.

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Security PLUS. We manage your business class antivirus as with Bronze and of course our free support service is available. For £80 per machine or £200 for 3 devices on our silver package we manage all your software security too. Patch management is an important part of securing your devices and we can take care of not only the Windows patches but third party patch management too like java and flash. This ensures that the security holes you keep hearing of in the media are taken care of straight away. Software is updated without you needing to intervene, monitored by help-desk staff. You can view the tickets and patch history in the portal when you sign in by the generated tickets.

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Xerver Gold Package

With gold support you get priority service and remote access thrown in. We provide and monitor your security and patch management but also automate maintenance tasks to keep your equipment running at top speed. These services are all monitored and maintained by help-desk staff. If there’s an issue which isn’t resolved via the usual RMM services we can remote in to manually repair the problem and set so that the issue doesn’t arise again.

Pay monthly at £15 per month

Or pay £180 for the year and get a our System Tune Up FREE

contact sales@xerver.co.uk for multiple devices and specialist scenarios (Home Cinema, Music Studio etc.)